Monday, June 21, 2010

11 down, 17 to go...

After two weeks of radiation I'm still doing very well. I have just started having a tint of pink on my skin and my eyes are slightly droopy, but nothing very difficult at all. My Radiation Oncologist says the side effects will really start to hit me this week and next.

I experienced a few days of panic this week when I went to log on to my health insurance page and it said my insurance had been cancelled effective May 31st. I was pretty hysterical calling the health insurance company and my HR department trying to figure out what had happened. It had to be a mistake, right? They can't just drop you without telling you! It turns out that it was, in fact, a mistake. My HR had me entered into the system as terminated (I'm pretty sure Arnold Schwarzenegger had something to do with this) so they fixed the glitch. I have health insurance back and no break in coverage. Hooray! This got me thinking how much I treasure my health insurance right now. For most people it is a safety net, but for me it is the parachute when you're skydiving. I definitely had an "Oh S@#$" moment this week when I pulled the cord and the chute didn't open!

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  1. It sounds like your health insurance is pretty solid, too. I've been tempted to lower my plan since it's so expensive, but I'd hate to be free falling with a backpack full of silverware. I think I would have flipped my kit if that happened; Good on you for dealing with it without killing someone.