Friday, January 1, 2010

Chemo #3 - Happy New Year

Well the holidays were pretty busy for me. My family came to Florida to visit (a trip that was planned pre-diagnosis) so I had a full house. In addition to that we drove to Ft. Myers to visit grandma and to Key West for fun. And in addition to that I had a doctor's appointment and a chemo treatment.

Christmas Eve: Checkup
All good news so far! The tumor has shrunk from 11 cm (about the size of a fist) to less than 2 cm (less than an inch... I don't know why they measure in metric). My white and red blood cells are holding up pretty well. I decided on shaving my head that day because the tiny pink hairs were falling out en masse, so I'm rocking the bald/hats/scarves look.

New Years Eve: Chemo #3
This time around the treatment knocked me out. I was asleep almost the entire day, woke up 5 minutes before the ball dropped and to watch the neighbors shoot off fireworks, and then back to bed. The nausea was a little worse than last time, but I'm doing well with all the other side effects.

I haven't chosen a New Years Resolution... I think getting rid of cancer is a pretty good one (and one I have to keep for once!). Right now I'm just focusing on getting through treatments and trying to enjoy as much of life as I can. Happy 2010!

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  1. Cristal, I found your blog to be very cool not to mention informative! I am a member of your team for the walk later this month--my niece is Kelly Whittaker and she and Tim gave me your site. In June of this year I will celebrate 6 years post-chemo for breast cancer and yes I am psyched! Although Kelly might tell you that psycho is closer to the truth :-). Your wonderful outlook on life and the support group that is surrounding you almost guarantees a long and eventful life is waiting for you. I'm sure you have already experienced the many "visible" angels that just seem to come out of the wood-work - that is a PLUS side affect of the cancer...if there is such a thing as a PLUS side. There is one small tid bit of information that I would like for you to get out to the rest of the world and I'm sure it is one you may not have considered yet. PLEASE tell them we do not want to hear all the horror stories of how " friend had cancer and he..." or my Aunt Suzy has cancer but...". People feel a need to empathize but don't realize that they can support you without telling you all those stories that are not needed as they just cloud your mind with doubts and create useless fears. Just hearing the facts of our disease is enough. I am looking forward to meeting you the day of the race. I am keeping you in my prayers. If you ever want to talk to someone on the other side of chemo please send me an Take care and keep up the good work!! Patty S