Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sugar Feeds Cancer

Every time I eat sugar-free candy, I hate the world just a little bit more.

I've been cutting back on my simple sugars (candies and alcohol have been the main problems for me) in order to starve this sucker inside of me. I've been working hard to say "no" to the free chocolates in the break room. I try to have visions of blueberries instead of sugar plums dancing in my head. It's already working, he's wasting away to practically nothing. He's getting as skinny as an Ethiopian, I can tell. Other than reducing sugar, I haven't had much of a restriction on my diet. Generally, I'm supposed to eat more protein and more vegetables/fruits. I'm still allowed my heavenly Diet Coke (in moderation, of course).

Now, for the hard part..... a life of sobriety. A study that was recently released says that drinking alcohol more than 3 drinks a week is linked to the recurrence of cancer (and an increase in the d-word of breast cancer). Since I was diagnosed, I have had a grand total of one whole beer. You can imagine how dramatic a difference this is for a single 28 year old. *sigh* This completely changes my life. Kickball games? Tailgates? Concerts? I can look forward to being the permanent designated driver, and forever the sober one trying to instill reason into a bunch of drunk imbeciles. Oh how I'll miss being one of those imbeciles.

Pour one out for me, my friends.


  1. Hey Cristal,
    Love your blog! My friend Terra has an awesome website (www.calorista.com) where she reviews and rates all kinds of healthy natural foods. She has a whole huge list of foods that are low in sugar, complete with nutritional information and whether they're worth eating or not. Thought it might help you out.

    Now, you're super smart, just get to work on inventing sugar free vodka!

  2. heh, cristal! great to be able to 'hear' you through this blog. loooooove your sense of humor, sometimes facitious, but totally funny..love it! :) cool post by erica, with her friend, and whole foods, etc. amazing how we are surrounded with love, huh?
    aunt cathy

  3. I will gladly volunteer to make up for your non-drinking at tailgates :)

  4. Glad to have found your blog! You know, you will enjoy concerts, tailgates, etc. much more when you can remember them the next day! We should all try to reduce our sugar/alcohol intake!