Friday, December 4, 2009

Chemo Sabe Cristal, the Cancer Warrior

Chemotherapy wasn't nearly what I was expecting. I took this picture to show my worried friends that it isn't as scary as it sounds. I spent four hours with an IV in my arm just reading, watching a bit of Food Network, and listening to music.

First, they start me with an IV bag of anti-nausea medication. Then they flush it through with saline. Next was a plunger full of Adriamycin (which is bright red), and more saline to flush it through. Then an IV bag of Cytoxan, and yet again more saline to flush it through. By the end I had to pee SO BAD (which, fun fact for ya, came out red from the Adriamycin). My cheeks were puffy from all that extra fluid.

On the way home from the hospital the first of the nausea started to hit me. I had to ask my father not to accelerate or break very quickly or I wasn't going to make it the five miles back to my house without getting sick in my car. For the rest of the night I was feeling pretty miserable from the nausea. But, being me and completely insane, instead of resting that night I had a few friends over for a hair dyeing party. What color did I dye my hair? Pink. To handle the shock of losing all my hair, I decided that my first shock was going to be a fun one.


  1. Is that Ayn Rand I see? Thanks for the post.

  2. love this pic of you.....also love your pink hair! total cool concept to shock with pink before shock with bald. either way, and all ways, you are gorgeous!, through and through.
    love you
    aunt cathy