Friday, July 9, 2010

23 out of 28 (or 33)

Call me Crispy Cristal. I'm starting to get very burned and ouchie from radiation. There's a big spot under my arm where all the skin is rubbing off. My Radiation Oncologist informed me yesterday that he might like to do a scar boost, which would mean an additional week of treatment aimed specifically at the scar line. It depends on how my skin holds up. I'm not gonna lie, I was really really (really really really) looking forward to being done next week. I'll just have to do whatever's best and soldier on.


  1. So glad you HAD cancer and don't HAVE cancer now!!! I'm so proud of you Cristal and the attitude in which you fought the fight!!! I am in awe!!! You are so special girl!!! Love you! Rose

  2. Only a little longer! You're almost there! :)


  3. Hydooooooooooo!! Keep fighting the good fight! The ATL is represented and missing you!


  4. Ugh... I remember the days and SO glad you are almost done!! Sending cooling, healing sparkles of love your way!

  5. Keep up the fight. You are a warrior with big heart! Thank you for sharing your battle.


  6. No kidding, I don't think I've ever been more moved by a blog than by yours! I check in to see how you are faring - love the daily mugshot...and you are as adorable as ever. Keep on keepin' on Cristal!!

    Love from New Hampshire - Jane DeLue