Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ta-ta to the tata's!

There has been a recall on all 1981 model Cristal Hydo's for faulty parts. Tomorrow I'm taking her into the shop to get worked on.

I wasn't nervous until I started getting a lot of "good luck"s and "I'll be thinking about you"s at my last day of work on Friday. I'm not even sure why I'm nervous. I am positive nothing will go wrong and that I'll heal quickly. I have the best surgeon around and a great plastic surgeon as well. I guess since I've never actually had surgery before (except for wisdom teeth), I just don't know what to expect!

My friends and family have been great (as usual). Earlier in the week we had a "Ta-ta to the tata's" bowling party and I bowled a 144 (I have photographic evidence to prove it). I also picked out my new tata's:

Tonight my friends surprised me with a big dinner at Rocco's Tacos. My parents, youngest sister, and grandma are here for my surgery and to help out at home. I'm all packed and ready to head to the hospital in the AM.

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