Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I put the FUN in fundraising

Team HYDOOO did an amazing job with the Susan G Komen race for the cure! We ended up in 4th place (so far... they're accepting donations through the end of February) and raised $15,500. That's a whole lot of mammograms! The race was an incredible time. I got to ride in the pace car for the walk in the back of the Ford Mustang. They dropped me off a block up so I was able to rejoin the massive crowd for the walk. Thanks to Tim and the boys holding up pink foam fingers I was able to find them in the stream of people.

The local (channel 5) news interviewed me the day before the race. Tania Rogers was a sweetheart (her husband works with me at Siemens too) and did a great job with the segment. I had a bunch of strangers come up to me the day of the race and say "I saw you on the news!!". Here's the link:

After I finished the race there was a survivior ceremony. It was really nice. They gave us a pink carnation and brought us on stage for a few songs. Palm Beach Post's video of the survivor ceremony (look for yours truly a few minutes in):

So... now what do I do to save the world? ;)

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  1. heh, chicabean! how's it goin, girl! so happy to see you guys raised to much moola! way to frickin go!!!!! :)
    2 more treatments and you'll be done, huh? keep on truckin on. i'm at day 7 of 14, of my first course...but pill form. so, i'm gettin in the groove; eatin healthy to try and keep up and soon will be just as awesome as you are!!!! :)
    love you verrrrry much
    miss you
    say heh to my sis
    aunt semicolon/aunt crack/aunt cathy...whatever you wanna call me :)