Monday, August 9, 2010

Growing older (but not up!)

I'm celebrating my 29th birthday today! Most people lament getting older but, as we all know, I'm not most people. I'm one of the rare people who don't mind growing older, in fact I celebrate it! It's much better than the alternative! As I think back on my 28th year, it's amazing how much I've been through. I'm amazed that I haven't broken down or freaked out and not ever once given up.

So this year, these are the five presents I'm going to give myself that will give me joy:
1) Love everyone in my world. Let them know I love them. Let them know why I love them.
2) Cross items off my bucket list, then immediately add more.
3) Appreciate the beauty everywhere.
4) Give myself a break!
5) Stop feeding my body junk and get back to exercising.

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