Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's the end of the chemo as we know it...

... and I feel fiiiiine.

I've been criminally late at updating my blog lately. The fatigue has been hitting me through my past few treatments. First, my blood cell counts are low (so low that they almost didn't give me my last chemo treatment). Secondly, I'm having hot flashes at night waking me up every few hours. Not fun, not fun at all!

Well, I've been recovering from my last chemo (woo woo!). The achiness and neuropathy were just as bad as previous treatments, but have been fading away. As I said, my fatigue is pretty bad but I anticipate that it'll get better soon as my body rebounds from my last round of toxic chemicals. In any case, the chemo was a success and shrunk the tumor down an incredible amount. Hooray for modern medicine!

Hair grows about a half inch a month, so it'll be quite awhile until my hair grows back. I'm kind of relieved about this, because after my surgeries I won't be able to lift my arms to wash my hair. No hair means problem solved!

So the question on everyone's mind is... What's next??

The plan: bi-lateral mastectomy, radiation, reconstruction. A bi-lateral mastectomy means they are going to completely remove both breasts. Hey, the things tried to kill me... I have NO attachment to them now. Why, you ask, a bi-lateral mastectomy if the tumor shrunk down to practically nothing (I'm a mind reader today, I know)? That has to do with factors like the type of breast cancer I had (see my previous post on Triple Negative), the initial size of the tumor (11 cm), and my age.

I met with my surgeon and a few plastic surgeons to try to hash this all out. I currently don't have a date set yet for surgery, but will keep everyone posted!

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  1. Cristal,
    I am so happy for you to finally be done with that NASTY CHEMO!! Having "been there and done that" I know it is no fun! It was such an honor to be part of your team at the walk in January; your wonderful attitude and your ever-present smile are quite infectious (that's a good infection!)I am keeping you in my prayers daily!! Take care. Aunt Patty