Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby got background info

I've had a lump for awhile (August is as far back as I remember because I had it on my 28th birthday) but when I went to see my OB/GYN about it he said "Oh, I don't feel it now. It's probably because you drink too much caffeine. You know that new tea place opened up in the mall? Girls drink tea and they don't realize it has a lot of caffeine in it." I thought to myself "You know what? I do drink an insanely large amount of Diet Coke" so I gave up my BELOVED Diet Coke for two grueling weeks. In those two horribly terrible Diet Coke free weeks I started getting some pain. I went back to my OB/GYN and I said to him "No sir, something is wrong". He thought it was an inflammation and an abscess (which is extrememly rare in women who aren't breast feeding) so he put me on antibiotics and sent me for an ultrasound (where they ended up doing a mammogram as well).

The report from the mammogram and ultrasound seemed to agree with him that it was an inflammation and abscess, so the OB/GYN went on vacation and referred me to a surgeon to have the abscess drained. I saw the surgeon on friday 11/20 and when he reviewed the films and the symptoms he told me that it didn't look like an abscess. He tried to get me in for an MRI friday afternoon but the radiologist said "Pssshaw, my weekend has already started" so Monday morning bright and early at 7AM I had an MRI and that's when they found my swollen lymph node (but it still wasn't entirely clear what was going on).

Monday at noon my surgeon did a biopsy and Tuesday 11/24/09 at 4pm he called with the results. I was positive in both my lymph node and my breast for "Poorly Differentiated Ductal Carcinoma".

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  1. hiya, cristal. love that you have a blog, honey! thanks so much for setting it up for us nosey people, who adore you so. better to do it this way that try and keep up with answering so many of the same questions, huh? :) k....so start answering questions! :)) i love you very much!
    aunt cathy